Guide to Advocacy by Anna Rabe

Guide to Advocacy

A Practical Step-by-Step Course to Advocating for Yourself and Your Family

You are in the right place if you're ready to advocate for yourself and your family. Effective advocacy training enhances the skills you already have and empowers you to change the world!

What's included?

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Practical Steps to Advocating for yourself and Your Family
What is Advocacy?
Step 1: Do Your Research
Step 2: Plan your strategy
Advocacy Plan Outlining Tool
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Step 3: Decide How to Tell Your Story
Step 4: Build a Coalition
Step 5: Approach Decision Makers
Step 6: Respond to Obstacles
Step 7: Be Solution Focused
Step 8: What now?
Practical Steps for Advocacy Slide Deck
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Hi, I'm Anna Blanch Rabe. I'm Australian-born speaker, writer, attorney, and advocate. I am passionate about sharing meaningful stories, empowering community builder, & making legalese easy to understand!

Making Legalese Easy. Sharing Meaningful Stories. Empowering Community Builders