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It's hard to make law interesting for the average person, but Anna Blanch Rabe is an engaging, entertaining and informative speaker. As a presenter on IThemes Training, she has articulately delivered valuable content, and skillfully responded to live questions. She has a unique ability to clarify complicated legal matters and make them accessible. 
Nathan Ingram
Anna Blanch Rabe was both a speaker at our TEDx conference and at the Strategy and Success Summit in Texas. Anna had such a significant positive influence on transitioning service members and the TED audience in Austin that we continue to receive requests to bring her back. Her personality, veteran advocacy, empowering speech and entrepreneurial expertise had a profound impact on the audience and myself.
Alba Melgar-C'De Baca, PhD
Anna is an incredible writer, team member and business confidant. Running multiple businesses requires being able to have team members that I can rely on to put out great content in an efficient and accurate manner – Anna fits this bill and more. She is a great asset to any business. 
Rachel (Attorney and Creative Entrepreneur)

Radical Generosity: Making a Profit and Doing Good

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Working with Subcontractors

Engaging subcontractors can be an extremely effective way to complete complex and demanding contracts. Subcontractors, or other independent contractors assist a general contractor in a specialty role, and takes a portion of the proposed contract. It might even become a standard operating procedure for your business. But are you sure you are using subcontractors in a legal way? Let’s check in and make sure you have your bases covered!
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Empower Community Mastermind

Empower Community Mastermind for Non-Profit organizational leaders and social impact business owners!
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Guide to Advocacy

This is a practical course. We will step you through how to advocate for yourself and your family! 
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Starting a Non Profit Checklist

The checklist you need to start a not for profit organization!
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Printable Password Log

A simple password log is designed to be printed and used to keep track of passwords and accounts.

Introduction to Copyright

We covered some basics of US copyright law, discussed the difference between personal and commercial use, and the rules for fair use. We also talked about what to do when you’re in the wrong or when you get a cease & desist letter! We also talked about how to protect yourself, including contract clauses, and client education!

Intro to Copyright and Social Media for Brand Ambassadors

A one-pager covering some basics of US copyright law, including the difference between personal and commercial use, and the rules for fair use. We also talked about how to limit your liability by ensuring you have the appropriate licenses to use images for which you don't own the copyright.
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Speaking and Event Equipment Checklist

Printable equipment checklist so you have everything you need to make the most of your next event or conference!
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Trademarks, Trade Secrets, and Patents

We’ll dive into an introduction to trademarks, talk about what they are, how to decide whether to register one, the difference between trademarks, service marks, trade secrets and patents. A companion webinar to our Introduction to Copyright.
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Strategic Planning Self Assessment: Social Media

Get clear on why your organization is using social media channels for marketing, communications and brand awareness. This will help you see how much clarity you already have (even without being aware) and make the gaps clear!
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Making the Most of the Detours: Personal Branding Worksheet

Whether you call it "mind the gap" or "making the most of the detours," this worksheet is all about developing your personal brand. Think of personal branding as educating people about what kind of person you are, what you have to offer, and how you can help them. The concept of personal branding is simple, but you have to do the work! 
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Business Entity Basics

Business Entity Basics Explained. As much as you can in one page at least! 
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Revenue Models

Impact Models

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